Your definitive guide to Aldi’s best make-up dupes

Being on top of the latest beauty trends is pretty much a full-time job, but it’s also pretty pricey.

As much as we would love to splash all-out hard-earned cash on every single launch that comes our way, it’s just not possible, so we’re forever thankful to the world of Tik Tok for alerting us to the next best thing.

Enter: Aldi’s huge make-up dupes for a fraction of the price.

Fans of MAC will know that the Face and Body Foundation (that sets you back £29) is one of the holy grail products, with so many make-up artists using it to keep body parts GLOWING – Aldi’s dupe is only £4.99. Four. Ninety. Nine.

From its heated dressing gowns to amazingly valued hot tubs, we just can’t resist a hot beauty deal from Aldi too. From its make-up brand Lacura to take over our vanities and cosmetics bags.

Now you see why we’re so obsessed?

Thanks to Tik Tok alerting us to the trend (ahem, as always…), Aldi’s upcoming make-up launches should be at the TOP of your shopping list.

Luckily, you don’t have to do ANY hard work because we’ve found the beeeeesttttt dupes at Aldi from its Lacura brand. From foundations to toners, moisturisers and more, get your credit cards ready gals.

Even better, they’re all ready to buy online RN. Grab ’em before they go.

SHOP: Aldi’s best make-up and skincare dupes you need to buy RN.

Lacura Candy Blusher3 of 8

DUPE: Nars’ Blusher (£27.50)
This blusher has stormed the internet so much that it’s completely sold out online. The dupe comes against Nars’ classic blusher – Lacura’s Candy and Coral dupes Nars’ Orgasm X and Behave respectively. Keep an eye on it though, because you never know when they’re back in stock.

Lacura Bronzer4 of 8

DUPE: Benefit’s Hoola Bronzer (£28.50)
We have been ob-sessed with Benefit’s Hoola Bronzer for YEARS. Now, you can get it for just £4.99 in this amazing dupe by Aldi. Stock up, girls.

Lacura Healthy Glow Glycolic Toner5 of 8CREDIT: Aldi

DUPE: Pixie Glow Tonic (£18)
Another absolute steal from Aldi, this healthy glow toner matches up to the Pixie Glow Tonic that everyone lurrrveeees. You can also get the rose, retinol, vitamin c, salicylic acid and more toners that match up to the Pixie range.

 Lacura Hot Cloth Cleanser6 of 8

DUPE: Liz Earle’s Hot Cloth Cleanser (£17)
This dupe is no longer available from Aldi itself (cry) – but fret no more because you can still bag it on Amazon. For just under £8 its a total barg.

AmazonAldi Lacuna Intense Nectar Eyeshadow Palette7 of 8

DUPE: Urban Decay’s NAKED palettes (£46)
Is anyone else a fan of the ol’ classic NAKED palettes? We LOVE them. And for £40 less (you read that right), you can get a fantastic dupe from Aldi. They come in a variety of colours too.

Snapshot Ready Foundation Primer8 of 8CREDIT: Aldi

DUPE: SMASHBOX Photo Finish Foundation Primer (£29.50)
That’s right, Aldi are even taking SMASHBOX down with their dupes. Get your foundation prepped with this amazing primer that’s a fraction of the OG option.


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