Some Low-Income Workers in This State Could Get a $600 Stimulus Payment

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Some Oregon residents will receive a one-time $600 stimulus payment. Find out if you’ll be getting a check.

Key points

  • Eligible low-income households in Oregon will receive a one-time $600 stimulus payment.
  • Payments could arrive as soon as this June.

As the pandemic continues and everyday expenses continue to rise due to inflation, many households wonder if they can expect additional stimulus relief. Some Oregon residents may have a $600 stimulus check payment coming their way as soon as this summer. Here’s what you need to know.

Many individuals and families are still struggling to get ahead after experiencing financial ruin due to the pandemic. This is especially true for low-income workers who were a critical part of the economy — especially during the early days of the pandemic.

As everyday costs climb, it can feel impossible to tackle existing debt or begin setting aside extra money into a savings account. For this reason, many people feel stuck in their current financial situation. Thankfully, some low-income workers in Oregon may be getting extra financial help in the coming months.

State lawmakers recently approved a bill that would give one-time $600 payments to eligible residents. These stimulus payments could make a big difference for many Oregonians that continue to struggle financially.

These residents are eligible for $600 stimulus checks

Are you wondering if you’re eligible for a $600 stimulus check?

Residents who qualified for and claimed the Earned Income Tax Credit on their 2020 personal income tax return will be eligible. Additionally, those who file an amended 2020 tax return by April 15, 2022 will be eligible to receive payments.

According to the Oregon Department of Revenue (DOR), an estimated 250,000 households will qualify. Payment will be distributed through the DOR. The money will come from the State Fiscal Recovery Fund program as part of the American Rescue Plan Act.

When to expect payments

Payments will be sent out in the coming months.

Where does the legislation stand? The bill passed the House on March 2 with a 42-16 vote. The following day, the Senate approved the bill with a vote of 23-2. Now, it awaits a signature from Governor Kate Brown to become law.

Eligible Oregon residents won’t be required to fill out an application. Instead, residents can expect direct deposit payments or checks as soon as June of this year. Hopefully, these checks provide a positive impact on many households.

If you’re still recovering financially from the pandemic, you’re not alone.

It’s worthwhile to keep up-to-date on any relief efforts such as the above legislation. Be sure to take advantage of any aid made available to you. Every extra dollar adds up.

If you’re looking for additional tips or guidance to improve your financial situation, check out our personal finance resources.

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