7 women share their best beauty buys and saving tips

How much on average do you spend every month on beauty products and services?
I gotta be honest, I still have a stash of beauty products (by stash, I mean about five containers full) from my days of working for a magazine, so I hardly spend on beauty products. That said, I do have a range of staples that I top up regularly, such as cleanser, toner, serum and pimple patches. And of course, I do drop money on the occasional makeup product because who can resist sales items and who cares even if I have a similar palette?

That’s a long explanation to saying I spend an average of $200 a month on random beauty purchases.

What do you splurge on?
My facial costs under $150, which is not super expensive but that’s probably the most expensive thing I spend on now. But I must admit that I don’t go regularly now because of the pandemic. Of course, as my arsenal depletes, I probably have to shell out my own money for the Dior serum that I love. The Capture Totale C.E.L.L. ENERGY Super Potent Serum is so good, please try it.

What do you save on?
I wouldn’t say I’m saving on it, but the cheapest thing in my beauty routine are cotton pads. I use Guardian cotton pads which go for $2 a pack. It’s one of the few brands that work for my skin – a few others made me break out or are not thick enough.

What has been your best beauty purchase over the last six months?
It’s a tie between Re:erth Blemish Control and Bybi Bakuchiol Booster. I buy these every time I run out and believe me when I say they’re lifesavers, especially in this mask-wearing period. They eliminate pimples faster than you can say ‘obliterate’, and prevent future breakouts, especially along the jawline.

What are your best saving tips when it comes to beauty?
Anyone who knows me can attest I’m a sucker for sales and discounts so I would say look out for deals.

Whenever I run out of an item or I’m looking to purchase a new one, I always check various websites (even Shopee and Lazada) for discounts or credit card promotions. If there are no discounts, I check for cashback on Shopback. None? Then I’ll use my credit card to earn miles.

There’s a bit of homework involved but hey, you get to save money or earn miles. For staple products, I don’t mind purchasing more if I get discounts for buying in bulk. But I only do this for skincare products because I use makeup products on rotation instead of sticking to one brand/product.

Another thing I’ve learnt over the years as someone with sensitive skin is, understand your skin. There are certain ingredients that my skin doesn’t love so before buying any product, even those on sale, I would check the ingredient list to make sure I really can use it. In that way, you save money and your skin.

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